Listen to Pope Francis

Kajal Chatterjee

Kudos to Pakistan Observer for the editorial titled ‘But who listens to Pope?’ published on Wednesday, August 3. Though nobody can make anybody listen to comments of any great humanitarian, but truth will always remain truth. And the eternal truth remains that no religion, race or nation holds any monopoly over peace or violence, tolerance or intolerance. Good and bad exist within each and every sector of the society. So associating any particular group of population or ideology with any evil, tantamount to sheer racism, communalism and character assassination.
Though no condemnation is enough for the terrorists who massacre vulnerable innocent students in a Peshawar school or carry out bombings in Iraq market place killing number of helpless individuals, still greater culprits remain the vested interests who shamelessly associate terrorism with Muslims and try to create a myth that Islamic fanatics are in a mission to exterminate the “non-believers”! Were/Are the LTTE (Sri Lanka), ULFA and Bodo ultras(both operating in Indian state of Assam) Muslims? Were the erstwhile Khalistanis (Punjab, India) or Irish ultras affiliated to any Islamic flag? The Maoists, who are creating mayhem right from Nepal to Central and South India, are certainly not members of any Islamic organisation!
Two Indian Prime Ministers have fallen to bullets or bombs of non-Muslim terrorists. When the terrorists, claiming to be protectors of Islam, feel no qualms in shooting or bombing innumerable fellow Muslims to death, then why should religion be associated with terrorism?
Not to forget that when White fanatics randomly shoot people, including school students, to death in USA; no one dubs them as terrorists. Nobody dares to term USA or Christianity as “rogue” nation or religion respectively. But if perpetrator of crime happens to be a Muslim, all hell breaks loose and certain countries and Islam are promptly awarded a bad name. What an atrocious specimen of blatant hypocrisy and double standards!
When will we wake up to the fact that terrorists are nothing but heartless butchers and to meet their selfish designs, they can kill anybody irrespective of his/her religious affiliation? Thus those who associate terrorism with Islam to sow the seeds of religious hatred and to assassinate the character of a particular community, should be seriously condemned and promptly brought to book.
It is high time the world regain its sanity and award due attention to the sermons of the enlightened Pope and try to accord utmost importance to humanity by uplifting itself from the narrow divisions of religion, race and national identity.
—Kolkata, India

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