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FORMER Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, on Friday, made a call that this newspaper has all along been highlighting during the last several weeks. In view of rising tension in national politics, we have been urging that NAB activities against political parties and leaders and suo motu actions by the judiciary against executive should be put on hold to provide level playing field to all parties for the general election. And Mian Nawaz Sharif has formally mooted the proposal by demanding that an ordinance should be promulgated to suspend NAB laws till the conduct of the general election.
In a bid to removing any misperception that he wanted to benefit from the proposal, Mian Nawaz Sharif added that cases against him in the accountability court might continue but no case or investigation should be initiated against other politicians and obviously he meant all politicians covering all parties. The demand is quite relevant and has the potential to address the growing bitterness in politics that could also pollute the upcoming elections. Justice and fair-play also demand that all parties should have level playing field and given free hand to try their luck in the polls. NAB or judicial actions against members and leaders of just one party send wrong signals to masses and the outside world about the way the next elections are going to be held. PML-N is viewing these actions as its target political killing and a means to benefit its political opponents. The complaint is legitimate as cases against PML-N leaders are being pushed at a fast pace while those against leaders of other parties are just being touched and so far no meaningful progress achieved despite claims that even one Minister of previous PPP government minted close to four hundred billion rupees. It is because of lopsided approach that other parties and leaders too have started extended support to the narrative of MNS. If there is no halt in the one-sided accountability and perceived victimization, the objective of formation of caretaker government to hold elections in a neutral manner would be nullified.

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