Lights off

Here in Turbat, we are suffering from an issue for nearly 11 months. One can’t find any lights switched on in the roadsides of the city. The lights are fixed but electricity has not been provided yet which is becoming the reason of street crimes in Turbat like gang wars, robberies, target killing, trafficking and many more. Accidents are as well occurring at a number of times leading to the death of many. I myself was just saved from a big accident while at night I was called for donating blood in a hospital.
A big stone was fallen down on the road with which I crashed. For a while I thought I would fall down but I got saved. I am not the only one to face such problems. This is all due to the dead lights in the streets. So, I would like to request the concerned authorities to provide electricity to the lights of roadsides so that the citizens are safe from many accidents.
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