Life returning to normalcy after end of sit in

The life is returning to normalcy in the federal capital and Rawalpindi following the end of almost three-week long sit in by a religious party.
The citizen of both cities suffered a lot during the protests of Tehreek e Labbauik Ya Rasool Allah. The roads blockade created difficulties for the commuters of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, The worst effected were the people who used Islamabad Expressway and Murree Road to reach their destinations.
 Immediately after end of the sit in, the business centres of Faizabad and Murree Road have started to reopen.
Various intercity bus stops had started normal operations at Faizabad and other terminals. GT Road had also been opened for traffic following the end of sit-in. The commuters felt relief at the announcement of end of protest. Due to absence of any ring road in Rawalpindi, traffic coming from Lahore using the Grand Trunk Road had been diverted to various places causing huge traffic jams at the link roads of the city.
The fuel expenses of my car had increased manifold as I had to cover extra 20 to 30 km to reach my office situated at Zero Point, said Shabbir Khan, a resident of Jinnah Garden. Meanwhile, according to Motorway Police, all motorways and the GT Road have been cleared from the protestors.—APP

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