Life hacks for 20s

Syeda Ghina Sahar

Being in the early twenties myself, I’m quite aware of the challenge for making mature decisions and being responsible for the stuff I do. Being frequently torn between the decision of getting done with my work or watching Netflix all day is a serious every day struggle. But with everything aside, you got to agree on the fact that the time spent in our 20s might just be the most influential in shaping our near futures and to establish a lifestyle which would take us a long way in our lives.
So what do we actually do in order to make this span of ours worth counting? Well then, let’s go through a series of steps which would actually help us in achieving this little milestone of ours. The number one and foremost important step would be to completely avoid any social website during your work hours. These social media sites know no limits and by the time we realize, we would already have wasted much of our time. So try to limit its usage as much as possible in order to get important tasks done in their respective slots. Second on the list would be to follow a proper schedule or routine, and if not for all the time, then most of your day at most.
This also involves setting deadlines and getting small tasks done. It would help you to bring your life in order and would allow you to discipline yourself as well. And at the last, ‘Get over Procrastination’! Procrastinating literally eats up your time like anything else. When you wait on a task until the last minute, then you have to cut corners as you don’t have enough time to actually brain storm on the specific tasks at hand.

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