Licenced to kill..!

TODAY, seeing the kind of drivers on the roads, and knowing one can get a license with ease, I imagined I visited a driving school in the city to enquire about my daughter learning to drive: The instructor at the driving school looked up from the road map he was trying to read, “don’t worry sir,” he said giving me a big grin, “we will get your daughter her driving license within a month!”
“What are the timings for her classes?” I asked. “If she can come for her classes well and good, if not, it doesn’t matter.” Smiled the instructor. “How does she get her license if she doesn’t attend classes?” I asked confused. “Ah!” said the instructor, “Our boss is very well connected. His second wife’s brother’s best friend works in the licensing office and for a small fee, the work is done!” “I see”, I said without really seeing anything. “And do you know something”, said the instructor moving a little closer towards me, “we pay him but don’t charge you this extra service!” “How’s that?” I asked.
“Because then we don’t have to waste time on the road teaching your daughter driving! We save on the instructor’s time!” he said, “Once upon a time we had six cars and nearly eight instructors. Now we need to keep only one car and it is hardly used. And I am the only instructor. We get your license, but no road tension for your daughter or me!” “Amazing,” I said. “You will see most of the students in the afternoon for our theory class,” he said. “Good,” I said, “I’m glad they do learn some aspects of driving.”
“No, no,” said the instructor, “It is a different syllabus from what you think; we do not teach them road rules or road signs; that would frighten away our students. We have to be more practical. We have an ex-traffic inspector who teaches them how to cross red lights without getting caught and what exact amount to pay a constable for every offence committed! Very often you pay too much without knowing sir!” “Oh I see!” said.
“Your daughter will benefit immensely from our driving lessons,” said the man folding his road map and shoving a form in front of me. “Just fill in her name and age and we will do the rest. In fact don’t worry if she is underage, we can manage everything. Last week we had a twelve year old who….”
“Thank you,” I said shoving the form back at him and trying to move away. “Where are you going,” asked the instructor. “Don’t you want a license for your daughter?” “Yes,” I said, “I do, but I don’t need a license to kill, I wanted her to learn how to drive.” “Learn to drive?” whispered the instructor, “Sir, please leave, don’t scare the other students away. You have come to the wrong school..!”

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