LG elections, 2015

Muhammad Bux Marri

Local Government Elections 2015, after completing all the phases of direct and indirect process, started in September 2015, has completed the process by the end of last month. The public representatives have also taken the charge of their offices. However, the LB installation process, on account of some ground conditions, in some areas had to be postponed for a while, and so it took almost one whole year to get it finalised sometimes at some places and remained continued up-to one year.
The polling staff that conducted the election process, is taken from different departments, designated as Returning Officers, Presiding Officers, Polling Officers etc. performed their duties honestly, impartially, transparently and sincerely making all efforts for free, fair, credible and transparent elections, despite problems in the way, but are still waiting for the approval and release of honoraria. It has been a practice that in LB or General elections, whenever held, the honoraria to the Returning officers and their staff were sanctioned in time but this time after lapse of a year the said honoraria is still unreleased. It is hoped that it would be released soon for the cause of justice and fairplay.
—Sanghar Sindh

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