Letter to my friendly mechanic..!

DEAR Maheshbhai, I was so happy when we met at the club last week and you informed me that you also ran a garage. I knew at once that the days of searching for a good mechanic were over. I even hugged your mechanic when he came home and drove away with my car. He said he would bring it back the next day. I told him to take his time. I have learnt to be more discreet with my wards ever since.
I must admit that in the last twenty days, that you have kept my car I have braved our treacherous weather and also weathered the nastiness and insults of rickshaw drivers and taximen comforting myself that it was worth the sacrifice. I knew my car would be more sturdy & dependable once it came back from your garage. Your mechanic brought back the car. I was so happy that I again hugged him and tipped him a hundred rupees.
I wish Maheshbhai, that I had tipped him less because the next day I had to tip my watchman, my sweeper and my maids elder brother to help push start the car. It has become increasingly difficult after that to find them, as they seem to disappear whenever they are needed for this purpose.
Maheshbhai, you had mentioned to me that you were an air conditioning engineer, do not take it amiss, because mistakes do happen but I think you have taken out my airconditioner and installed a heater there by mistake. Please help me as my expenses on prickly heat powder and deodorants are mounting day by day.
Coming to the suspension job you have done for my car, I must admit it is very different. Whenever we hit a bump I go up so high that I stay in the air till the car passes over the next two potholes. I have always suspected that you have a terrific sense of humour but I never realised how good it was till I put on my wind-screen wipers in the rain and instead got a spray of water on my face from the airconditioning duct. There are my dear friend other minor irritants that I really should not bother you with. A radiator that wets the road as we go along. But these are small worries, I don’t want to burden you with. What I am worried about my dear Maheshbhai is the phone call from your office today.
Your secretary told me to pay the bill immediately or she would send a mechanic to take away the car. I am afraid that is going to be slightly difficult. This morning my sweeper and watchman and the elder brother of my maid swept away whatever was left of the car. They said they were tired of pushing and pulling and shoving it everyday.
I believe it has been thrown into the city dump. I am willing to come with you and search for the pieces, though I know you are a busy man and other cars and other customers are waiting in line for your personalised service. Till we meet again. Warm regards.

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