Let veto power of the team selection be with the BCCI president, says former chief selector Rungta

Bipin Dani
Observer Correspondent

Mumbai—The Supreme Court should have retained the power of having “final say” in the selections, according to Kishan Rungta, who served two terms of 3 years and 4 years in the national selection panel and retired as a chairman in his last term.
Incidentally, Rungta, during his time, had also suggested the live telecast of the selection committee meetings.
The 83-year-old Rungta was reacting to the Supreme Court verdict, the relevant portion of which says, “from overall superintendence of the Board and its affairs to taking action against players and even approving the composition of the team chosen by the Selectors, the President is all-powerful. In practice, This power was even abused with the exercise of veto over the changes in captaincy…”.
Obviously, people know at whom the Lodha Committee is pointing finger for misusing the power.
“During my two terms, the BCCI president has never interfered. Having president’s approval in the selection will surely make the selectors “accountable”. The selectors will chose the “right” team when they know they are answerable to the president”.
“The selectors should not have bowed down to the external interference, if there was any”, Rungta added.
Kiran More, ex-chairman of the selectors says, “the president’s approval is needed because he knows best, if any of the selected players has any bad or criminal records or facing any disciplinary issue”.
Rungta and More both believe that the reduction of members of the panel is not advisable. “India is a vast country and it will be extremely difficult for three men to keep track of all matches”, they said.
Ranbeer Singh Mahendra, the former president informs, “during my time as secretary and president, only the approval of team from the president was taken when the team was to leave for overseas trip. For home series, it was not the practice. I am unaware whether the same practice is continued. It is black and white in the BCCI constitution and as a president I never interfered with the team selection”.

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