Let us all wish him

According to the reports available in Pakistan, Imran Khan is soon going to form the new government post the general election. The media groups always have a greater and significant role in dealing with election scenario like this. The successful completion of Pakistani election is something to be appreciated by all. However, unnecessary panic and situation could have been avoided through stringent and corrective measures. In this election, the media have discussed a lot of ifs and buts, but the fact should be upheld at all costs. The people of Pakistan deserve to have a good government as they have put in a lot of hard work in the form of franchise.
Since it has been reported that his party is having the so-called plurality in the election, Imran Khan definitely deserves a proper place in Pakistani politics. What is more striking to me than anything else is his silent composure – in particular his posture without any kind of expression like smile has really made me think of him rather in a different, beautiful way. His semblance is having something for Pakistani politics.
More interestingly and more importantly, I remember watching his cricket matches on TV in the early 1990s in my native town of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu [I was a staunch cricket fan schoolboy then watching many matches out there]. It is time for the new government to take shape in Pakistan without interference. Let us all wish Imran Khan – good luck – for the prosperous future in the region. To begin with, Pakistan should take immediate steps to strengthen ties with Bangladesh, Nepal and India.
Maharashtra, India

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