Let the students decide

Shafaq Khalid Rana

Few days back I was sitting with my colleagues at work and we were having a discussion as to why certain disciplines are specified in Pakistan and why parents forced their children to become a doctor or an engineer. In regard to this topic, I think that the people of Pakistan have a limited knowledge about the professional disciplines such as when a child completes his matriculation, he is supposed that to become doctor or engineer, no matter what the child actually wants to become in his life. There are other disciplines that one can excel, talking about media studies; people assume that students who choose this line of work; they don’t have the potential to opt science subjects etc. In addition to that many people have an inadequate knowledge about what media studies truly means, but opt working journalism.
Similarly, architecture, psychology and there are many other disciplines that are not recognized as doctor or engineer. That is why when a child wants to opt any of these field of study their parents shut them up because there is a scope for engineer and doctor and plus being a doctor or engineer would also be a ‘wow’ factor. In my opinion, the main issue is the mindset and thinking of our Pakistani society. Our society is so narrow minded that it doesn’t allow anyone to think or do anything out of the box. Second reason is that there are no job opportunities in Pakistan and with no recognition the multinational organizations don’t take the fresh graduates because a certain mindset is being made that there are only two fields that are successful and have a scope in Pakistan.
It is his life; let him be on driver seat and drive his car to his actual destiny and parents must be there to support him. At the end; your child will make you more proud, no matter if he is an architect, businessman, psychologist, nutritionist, marketing officer, financier, philosopher, editor or an anchor if you let him choose what he wants. I am specifically requesting parents because nowadays many children and parents are thinking what their children will do next in their study; what they will opt so just let them choose and just be supportive as much as you can. With that I request all the people who are doing jobs in Pakistan to make new prospects for all the fresh graduates; give them chance where they can show how much potential they have and let them work in Pakistan; for Pakistan.

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