Let peace rule the world: KPI

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International Geophysical experts are worried that Asia is splintered with unnumber unsettled dispute that can ignite regional wars. Peace, they said, is the ultimate value of life; war only destroys humans and properties both; all nationa of the world are still busy to remove the worst effects of the 2nd world war.
These observations were made by a Geophysicist talking to the General Secretary of the Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Shah here Saturday in his office.
Asked how world peace can be established simultaenously he said that there must be raised Global Peace Fund; each country should contribute towards that Fund so that it is reminded of its peace obligations.
He said that religiously too there is no example availbe for humans to fight among themselves. What is there in the religion is how to undo arrogant injustice by use of force.
He suggesed that a new social contract of good neighborliness should be made; A neighbor should be bound by law to get his ailing neighbor treated in government hospitals, failing which the defaulter should be straightaway sent to jail with running a trial. Only this way good personnel and nation-to-nation neighborliness shall develop.

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