Let MNS make a new beginning

On the insistence of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who was still under observation after his complicated heart surgery, doctors have allowed him to travel to Pakistan. PML(N) was planning to accord a big and historic welcome to the Prime Minister but Mian Nawaz Sharif asked them not to do so.
His return would signal a clear message that the Prime Minister has fully recovered and therefore, not only his family members and party workers but the entire country would heave a sigh of relief. It is understood that because of the serious nature of the disease, Mian Nawaz Sharif might not be in a position to discharge his official responsibilities and duties as actively as before but still we would urge him to declare his firm resolve to make a new beginning both as the chief executive of the country and leader of the country’s largest political party. No doubt, credit goes to MNS for turning PML(N) into a party of masses besides laying foundations of politics for development when in power. However, with the passage of time, an unfortunate impression has gained currency that his governance is lackluster. Apart from the Opposition political parties, this impression has been strengthened by the wild social media, which is overtaking every other medium of information. Of course, he gave time to mega projects but governance is only about launching of gigantic projects as a leader has to take care of problems and needs of the citizens in different spheres of life. The country is facing serious challenges both on internal and external fronts requiring constant vigilance by those at the helm of affairs to safeguard interests of the country. However, regrettably, the Prime Minister even did not accord much importance to the Parliament, which, otherwise, is a source of strength for him and his Government, as he attended just a few sittings during three long years. There are also complaints that let alone other political parties and leaders, the PM has no time for his own party men who feel neglected and as a consequence there have been reports about formation of forward blocks. Therefore, we would urge MNS to have a series of brain-storming sessions with his aides as well as leaders of the allied parties to assess what went wrong and how best to proceed ahead especially when some Opposition parties are bent upon triggering tremors. He may also address the nation and announce his road map for the next two years.

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