Let investigation be fair and square

AS Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan announced that a high-powered Committee, headed by a retired high court judge, would probe leak of story on national security, PTI, PAT and PML(Q) are strongly opposing the move, demanding that investigation should instead be carried out by a sitting judge of the Supreme Court. PTI believes it would constitute a conflict of interest if the Prime Minister appointed head of a Committee that would investigate his close confidants.
It is, indeed, a matter of great concern that we should politicise and criticise everything irrespective of ground realities. By demanding that no retired judge should head the Committee, we are, in a way, casting doubts on integrity of those who have been associated with the profession of justice and might have delivered hundreds of judgements during their tenure. If everyone wanted setting up of Committees and Commissions of one’s own choice, we would not be able to make any headway on any issue. The demand of PTI, PAT and PML(Q) is unfair as Government has already taken back portfolio of Information and Broadcasting from a close associate of the Prime Minister and also announced its intention to probe the matter to the end. In the first instance, there is absolutely no justification not to have trust in a retired judge. Secondly, the joint investigation committee would comprise of civilian and military personnel and it would be unfair to assume that they would not probe the matter independently. This is particularly so when the army leadership too is taking keen interest in the issue and wants the investigation to be result oriented. Therefore, one must not allege that the inquiry would be an attempt to sweep the issue under the carpet. We believe that no attempt should be made to politicise the issue when civilian and military leadership have been holding consultations on the matter and things are proceeding ahead as per their understanding and agreement.

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