‘Let girls learn’ initiative

In October 2016, the USAID-driven initiative “Let girls learn” was announced by Michelle Obama and Maryam Nawaz Sharif in collaboration with government of Pakistan as a guarantee to sponsor girls’ education in the country. It was proclaimed that additional 200, 000 girls through the respective programme will be purveyed with education as well as they will be equipped with tools they need to prosper their life. This vigorous pledge demonstrates that how much the importance both the countries have given to girls’ education. Above all, it was also promised that the US will invest $ 70 million to spur the education of the adolescent girls in Pakistan. The programme is no doubt a praiseworthy initiative which is aimed at strengthening the girls’ education and getting such a huge estimation of 22 million girls – who do not attend the schools – enrolled and attended schools. The current scenario indicates as to where are we standing with respect to girls education? In terms of giving up the education, according to gender statistics 2010 girls were revealed as to 4% less than the boys to complete education. Sindh as compared to other provinces is far behind in girls’ education. As per figures designed by Alif Ailan, there are 35,551 schools for boys as well as 10,488 schools (the sum of all the levels from primary to higher secondary schools) are for girls in Sindh but multi-fold snags have savagely preyed them. Almost exactly all the schools are stripped of basic facilities and nor are they filled with a good ratio of students. Despite let girls learn initiative has been launched a year ago, it is not being implemented in the country. We must wake up to the significance of girls’ education as soon as possible.
Sindh, Jamshoro

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