Let democracy move on in any case

IT is quite obvious that some of the recent happenings and above all Panama Leaks have created uproar in the national politics and the Government seems to be rather shaky because of the impact of these developments. These are, perhaps, most difficult days for PML(N) Government and the opposition may give sleepless nights to those at the helm of affairs if it succeeds in managing big show near Raiwind.
PTI, which came out with the idea of ‘besieging’ Raiwind, is trying to cobble together a grand coalition, at least, for the purpose of marching towards Raiwind. Whether or not PTI would succeed depends on many things including dominating behaviour of its Chairman Imran Khan, who is in the habit of remaining in the limelight at all costs, and ability of the Government to counter the challenge politically and administratively. However, turbulence is there and fears are being expressed that it might rock the boat. The opposition has legitimate right to agitate the issue of Panama Papers as is being done in other countries but it should also be mindful of pretty precarious security environment, internal and foreign threats to the country and above all ramifications of political destabilization for the overall system. With this in view, we would urge all opposition parties to confine their protest and criticism within peaceful and decent means and must not cross the red-line. COAS too has counselled all to shun confrontation and focus on cooperation while CJP has rightly observed that whatever system we have should be allowed to continue. Pakistan has already suffered a lot for democracy and there should be no attempts that could derail the process. We had general elections in 2013 and the next elections should be held in 2018 and allow democracy to take roots.

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