Lessons from Mumbai tragedy

It is heartbreaking to note that over 22 people have been killed and many injured in a tragic stampede on the foot overbridge at Elphinstone railway station in Mumbai, India. The entire story and its related pictures are furthermore touching. Sadly, such tragic accidents are only waiting to happen in Mumbai. The fact is that Mumbai has long been hanging in the balance, crying for attention of the authorities on the various fronts such as infrastructure and other public facilities. The pain of travelling on Mumbai local trains especially in the rush hour cannot be explained in words but better can be experimented. Though Mumbai is the City Of All [meaning the hub of the modern stuff], the bad factors like congestion, overloaded trains and lack of support from the authorities are all adding to the Mumbai blues. For my part, I have all observed and experienced all these disturbing things in Mumbai during my current job tenure. Who will help and save Mumbai – India’s Big Metropolitan City? – is a serious question that must be analysed in a sensible way.
Mumbai’s survival in the middle of the rising population and activities should be protected at all costs. To start with, serious steps and proper plans are now required to improve Mumbai’s infrastructure like increasing the facilities at railway stations and on roads. Both the Maharashtra government and the Indian government should pay attention to all the problems facing the people in Mumbai – the sooner the better.
Maharashtra, India

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