Lessons Abdul Sattar Edhi taught us

Shakeel Ghouri

A great philanthropist, an illuminating light of hope and happiness for the poor and destitute, has just passed away, leaving a huge vacuum behind him that will take decades to fill. Abdul Sattar Edhi taught us that serving humanity without any discrimination of caste, colour and creed is the loftiest good. He has taught us that being poor is not in the discretion of someone, but helping others is really a choice that everyone can make, irrespective of one’s social position and fortunes. He has led us to believe that with little efforts shadows of darkness can be dispelled and hopes of living can be lit in the hearts of marginalised. There is no doubt that there are many who cannot realise their true potential only because of their destitution. And if the efforts are made to provide them with requisite opportunities and an enabling environment, they really show their worth. Indeed, he has conveyed to us that sincere efforts of few can diminish the miseries of many. His life imparted a clear lesson that with steady determination and perseverance everything can be achieved. He himself belonged to a poor home, but with his unshakable resolve and unflinching efforts, he has set such an example of helping others as is unprecedented in the human history. This leads us to realise that every man has a potential to do something extraordinary in his life. What he has to do, is to search in himself those God-given qualities that truly sets him apart from other human beings. It is not to say that everyone of us can become Edhi. But it is true that with sincere desires, selfless devotion and firm belief one can realise every dream. This is what Eidhi’s life has taught us. He has made it categorically conspicuous that good deeds are immortal. Those who are virtuous and do good for humanity remain alive in the hearts of people forever. Life is temporary. Every soul has to depart this transient world. So, everyone should strive to do something which can make him unforgettable for the people even after his demise. This alone should be the supreme goal of one’s life. It goes without saying that mindless endeavour to accumulate wealth for one’s own bliss and luxury cannot earn us such a high and invincible position in society. It is the selfless devotion to the cause of uplifting the poor and downtrodden that makes us truly lovable and vital and our presence is considered as a gift of God, and our death is mourned for centuries. This is what Eidhi’s life and his sad demise has to offer us. I pray that may the soul of this great man rest in peace.
— Mirpurkhas

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