Lengthen your stride..!

Have you ever watched a child who doesn’t want to go someplace? Its steps become smaller and smaller, it starts dragging its feet, and finally sits down. Have you watched a relay in which the last runner has to catch up with the others to win? His strides become longer and longer and his feet like mighty wings fly into the air, as if carried by the wind..!
The same holds for us. When we fix a goal for ourselves, we know the number of steps we have to walk before we gain success, but ever so often we find that the goal is a little farther than what we had first imagined.
The successful man lengthens his stride, the failure drags his feet, sits down and weeps like the little child.
What goes into the lengthening of one’s stride; more muscle, more determination and greater resolve. Thomas Edison did not sit down and give up when his first efforts to find an effective filament for the carbon incandescent lamp met with failure. He lengthened his stride! He sent men to China, Japan, South America, Asia, Jamaica, Ceylon and Burma in search of fibres and grasses to be tested in his laboratory.
Luther Burbank the plant wizard did not quit when obstacles blocked his path. At one time he personally conducted more than six thousand experiments before he found the solution.
Now I’d like to come back to the child I started off with. Ever so often the mother of the child who has sat down picks it up and carries it to the place the little one was supposed to walk to. Ever so often the same happens to us grown ups. We cry and sit down and strong father or uncle, manager or boss who has a soft corner for us carries us along.
Some of us reach the top in this way. Presidents or directors who are the sons or daughters of leaders reach the top through the influence of their dads.
But for them life at the top is fleeting. They don’t last. I know several people who have made it to the top after being carried piggy back, didn’t stay there too long.
They never had to lengthen their stride through life and when a problem came up, they buckled down and fell. They had never developed muscle..
I was at a friend’s house the other day when his mother, an old lady with tears in her eyes asked me why God was so cruel to her family.
I looked at her, walking again despite having had a fall a year back, her daughter in law smiling after she had been diagnosed for cancer and her son, working hard at taking care of wife and mother and daughter, and I told her “God is with you all as you all lengthen your strides, there is no reason to complain..!.”
And yet like that little child we love to sit down and cry. Stand up, lengthen your stride and walk..!

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