Length of service in private sector

According to news published recently, the length of service is being curtailed to 25 years in different private sector organisations/banking sector with 9 to 5 timings. This is a matter which has sent shockwaves among the concerned employees. If implemented, this thing will surely impair them for the rest of their life. For instance, a person who is not at all a business minded started a job at the age of 25, giving his best of best to the organisation struggling for achieving organisational goals. He gave golden time to the organisation which he should have spent with family and his children.
But at the age of 50 all he gets from the organisation is termination letter, that so-called pension and provident fund is not good enough to run a household and he is still young to properly perform his duties. On the contrary, 9 to5 job does not leave a person even think of doing something productive for futute during service because of heavy workload. So far the length of service should elongate to 35 year at least as per designations and appointment age accordingly, so employee could get their hard work rewarded and may not feel useless before retirement age. It is also better for society to utilize the service of experienced proffesionals along with giving chance to fresh graduates. I request higher authorities concerned to pay attention towards this issue and save many from mental torture.

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