Legal fraternity to serve a national cause

THE legal fraternity, led by President of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Ali Zafar, has asked the Parliamentary Committee to formulate the Terms of Reference (RoRs) within two weeks for the Commission on Panama Leaks otherwise it would be forced to launch a movement to move the country’s top court against the Federal Government. At a convention of the representative bodies of lawyers in Islamabad, it was resolved that the legal community would devise its strategy to address the challenge after two weeks.
Lawyers, along with other pressure groups of the civil society, have contributed a lot in crystallizing issues and shaping public opinion. Their role in safeguarding and promoting the cause of democracy, rule of law and human rights cannot be denied. The problem of corruption has always been there but it has come to the centre-stage of Pakistani politics after revelations made by Panama Papers. This provides an opportunity to take concrete steps to eliminate the menace, which is eating into the very fabric of our society. However, one thing should be very clear that the legal fraternity must not be seen as taking sides on the issue, which is being exploited by some over-ambitious political forces to dislodge the incumbent Government. The issue of corruption should not be seen in the context of Panama Leaks alone when we know that rampant corruption prevails in almost every sphere of our life including judiciary and police, which are supposed to be instrumental against law-breakers. Apart from the immense difficulties being faced by ordinary people because of corrupt practices, precious national resources are also eaten up by corrupt elements without fear of being taken to task. Therefore, there is dire need to launch an aggressive campaign but it should be against all sorts of corruption and not directed only against the Prime Minister, his family or the Government. We are sure that Ali Zafar, who has inherited nobility of character and professional acumen from his illustrious father S M Zafar, country’s leading legal luminary, has all the requisite qualities to lead the campaign and prove himself a better version of Anna Hazare.

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