Learn from London fire

Heavy casualties and great damage to property have been reported in the wake of the massive fire that engulfed the Grenfell Tower in London. It was horrible watching the huge plume of smoke billowing out of the high-rise apartment located in West London. Nowadays the people especially in metropolitan cities are craving king-size life, forgetting the very fact that they too are human beings like others. Very very tall (skyscraper) buildings can be seen around the globe.
Of course, there is nothing wrong having the high-end facilities. However, the basic titbits about the life and the first/interesting rudiments of the making of anything marvellous should be understood and must be protected at all costs. As for the London fire, it has been reported that the fire safety standards at Grenfell Tower are poor.
There are related and bigger lessons. First of all, safety measures must be tightened at sky-high buildings if not such buildings should be kept aloof from the human dwelling. In this context, the authorities should follow strict rules and regulations. Finally, the public too must take initiatives like switching their lifestyle – from hectic lifestyle to conventional one on the beautiful planet.
Maharashtra, India

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