Leaders and the suit of power..!

The woman lying by the side of the road, clinging to a rock crying bitterly to herself. I walked away silently, wondering what pain it was that caused her such unbearable agony. There were many more lying by the side, as I walked along. Some wept like the woman I had passed, some were shaking with anger, others hurled insults at me. A man cried out to me.
“Are you going to join them?” he asked. “I am merely going to take my place of leadership that has been given to me,” I said. “Then you are one of them,” said the battered man bitterly. I continued my walk to the door of the hall. “Welcome to the Leadership Club,” said an extravagantly suited man at the entrance, presenting me with a stick and a whip.
“What are those for,” I asked perplexed. “To beat those who oppose you into submission and to whip those who try to take your place,” said the suited booted man. “You are now a leader you will need to use them often. Here take your gold suit also and put it on. It is a suit which will force others to bow down in front of you.”
“But who are those people I saw lying all along the way,” I asked caressing my shiny new suit lovingly.
“They were people who opposed us,” said a stout imposing looking woman walking towards me, wearing a gold sari, “we had to teach them a lesson, either bend down or be whipped and flung along the way.”
“Did you do that to the woman I saw at the beginning of the road?” I asked. “Yes,” said the woman scornfully touching her sari into place, “when I was elected Chairman of the board for Destitute Women, she was my Secretary. She refused to bow down before me.”
“I just saw a priest being thrown out,” I said. “I did that,” said the man with the suit proudly. “I am the President of the church board and he refused to take my order.”
“Why don’t you put on your suit,” said another man coming to me. It is the suit of power and once you put it on, you will feel like us. Go and change at once, but be careful not to go near that man down there when you are changing.” “Who?” I asked and then looked down to see a man sitting on the ground a bowl of water in his hand. He looked up at me and his eyes beckoned.
“What does he want?” I asked. “He wants to wash your feet,” said the imposing woman with a laugh. “He says leadership is about serving others, and believes we should wash the feet of those we serve like he did 2000 years ago.”
I walked past the prostrate man with the bowl. I walked past his imploring eyes and went to change and join the rest.

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