LCCI slams violation of ban on road blockade

Salim Ahmed


The Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry has slammed continuous violation of ban on road blockade and urged the Punjab and District governments to take this matter seriously and ensure implementation on rules and regulations in true sense of word. The LCCI President Abdul Basit and Vice President Muhammad Nasir Hameed Khan said that despite rules, regulation and law, issue of road blockade is getting severe with every passing day and hampering the trade, economic and social activities.
They said that blockade of busy roads and highways has become a tradition and causing huge loss to the trade and economic activities besides mentally torturing the masses. They said that people from different walks of the life block the busiest roads which causes massive traffic mess and halts all activities. They said that trading goods, buyers, students and even ambulances stuck in traffic and cannot get through to the hospital.
“How or why are these elements playing havoc like that”, the LCCI office-bearers questioned and said that business community is unable to understand that how protest groups can get their rights through roads blockade. The LCCI office-bearers said that tough peaceful processions and other forms of public protests are a fundamental right but this does not mean that every procession or protest can be done at any time and at any location.
They said that rights of Protestants and rights of citizens must be balanced. They said that right to assemble for a cause should be permitted but the protest groups should be bound to abide rules and regulations for the things such as traffic congestion, blocking the busiest roads and sidewalks, disturbing the public and affecting the trade and economic activities. The LCCI office-bearers said that gravity of situation is getting severe with every passing day therefore Punjab Assembly should react promptly and legislate immediately in this regard.
They said that protest groups should be bound to take prior permission for the protests, time and place. Moreover, rules and regulations should be decided by the government and law enforcement agencies and implementation of it’s should also be ensured. They also urged the politicians to show maturity and leave the politics of protests as these acts encouraged the people to come to the roads and create destruction.

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