Lawyers want end of women reserve seats

Sher Gondal


A lawyers group headed by former member Punjab Bar Council Zaman Mangat Advocate criticized women reserve seats in assemblies in national and provincial legislatures and demanded its end. They said since induction of women members against reserved seats, there has been no worthwhile improvement in status of women.
There is no representation of rural women in the assemblies. The women are not elected but they are selected from rich families who hardly know difficulties and problems of women living in far flung areas. Regarding new legislation relating to protection of women, that has not achieved desired results due to lack of their implementation.
They said women members of assemblies on reserve seats are great burden on national exchequer. They demanded newly elected parliamentarians should amend the constitution to end reserve seats. Women aspiring to become legislature members can contest elections as several women are doing in our country.
They warned if their demand was not considered by relative authorities, they would launch movement for ending the reserves seats as they are not in public interest.

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