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Lawyers’ unwarranted for protest

LAWYERS warned on Tuesday that they would resort to a countrywide strike against the National Judicial Policy Making Committee’s (NJPMC) decision on the new method of registering FIRs, concluding a trial in four days under a new policy and the procedure for transferring and posting judges. At the ‘All Pakistan Lawyers Representative’s Convention’ held at the Lahore High Court, they also announced that conventions would be held across the country if their demands were not met.
There are no two opinions that the justice system of the country is not delivering as per expectations of the masses and it needs to be drastically reformed to realize that objective. The reasons are best known to all concerned especially the members of the Bench and the Bar that have intimate knowledge of what is currently happening and what needs to be done for provision of inexpensive and expeditious justice. Bench and Bar are part and parcel and they must work in close coordination to help address concerns and grievances of citizens against the system. In this backdrop, there is absolutely no justification for the legal community to hinder the process of genuine reforms for the sake of petty personal or group interests. Transparency in registration of FIR and speedy conclusion of trials are the demands of the people and the incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa deserves credit for spending his energies and time on efforts aimed at streamlining the justice system so that it delivers effectively. There are reasons to believe that most of the cases remain pending and undecided because of machinations of lawyers who are more interested in receiving hefty fee than contest cases in a professional manner. Similarly, there is also an elaborate procedure for appointment and posting of judges and the demand to include lawyers in the process is apparently absurd as appointments are made from amongst lawyers and their representation on the selection panel would defeat the objective of transparency and merit.