Lawyers turn civil court into battle field

Observer Report


A heated argument between two groups of lawyers led to a brawl at the premises of Lahore civil courts Saturday afternoon.
The two groups of lawyers were discussing a case in the committee room when an argument broke out. Eventually, the argument resulted in groups brawling with one another.
A video of the incident also surfaced, in which the lawyers can be seen punching, slapping and kicking one another. Both senior and junior lawyers engaged in the scuffle, which lasted about 15 minutes.Moreover, some lawyers even re sorted to vandalising the area and breaking chairs.
On January 27, 2017, a video of lawyers turning a Lahore courtroom into a battlefield emerged, where two lawyers thrashed each other during the hearing of a murder case.
In the Additional Sessions judge’s court, the two lawyers were representing opposite sides during the proceedings of the murder trial.Things took an ugly turn, when one of the lawyers accused the other, who got violent and slapped his opponent. Afterwards, the supporters of the lawyer who were present during the proceedings also got violent and a scuffle broke out.

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