Lawyers, journalists protest killing of Rohingya Muslims

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Different organizations including lawyers and journalists on Wednesday held protest demonstrations against the killing of Rohingya Muslims, and called upon UN to intervene to stop the brutalities.
District Bar Association on the Punjab Bar Council observed strike and did not appear in the courts. Addressing the demonstration, President Bar Sajjad Akbar Abassi and others said that Buddhists were brutally killing innocent Muslims in Burma.
They said that children and women were being slaughtered like animals and thousands of women had become widows.
They said children and old people were being burnt alive. They criticized the silence of Muslim countries on the slaughter of Muslims in Myanmar.
However, they appreciated the Turkish government for helping the innocent Muslims of Burma.
Due to boycott of lawyers, various cases were adjourned. Meanwhile Rawalpindi Islamabad Union of Journalists Dastoor staged a demonstration outside Rawalpindi Press Club.
Addressing the participants PFUJ President, Haji Nawaz Raza lamented the silence of UN and OIC on the mass killings of Muslims in Burma.
He urged the government to raise the issue at the international level The protesting journalists were carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogans against the silence of Muslim rulers.

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