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Jahangir Tareen disqualification case

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Progress in Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) General Secretary Jahangir Tareen’s disqualification case remained sluggish as lawyers of both sides were called out by the Supreme Court (SC) on their lack of preparation.
A three-member bench was hearing a petition filed by PML-N’s Hanif Abbasi, seeking disqualification of Tareen for non-disclosure of assets and ownership of an offshore company.
After conceding that he did not have enough material regarding Tareen’s alleged offshore company, Abbasi’s counsel Azid Nafees accused the PTI member of evading taxes, hiding assets and getting loans written off. However, he could not present any solid evidence, which led the judges to ask whether the case belonged with the court or with other forums, such as the tax authorities. Justice Faisal Arab also questioned whether Articles 62 and 63 could be applied to all members of the national and provincial assemblies in the same manner that the petitioner’s counsel was suggesting it be applied on Tareen.
The court was also dissatisfied with the lack of preparation by Tareen’s counsel, Sikander Mohmand, who was advised by the chair of the bench and Chief Justice Saqib Nisar to be better prepared in the next hearing. Mohmand failed to present the required documents regarding a trust supposedly represented by a company owned by Tareen’s children.

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