Lawyers, civil society condemn Qandeel Baloch murder

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Lawyers, civil society and literary community of Islamabad have strongly condemned murder of Pakistani top model Qandeel Baloch in the name of honour and reiterated that there is no honour in killing.
They have also expressed solidarity with the bereaved father the top model girl who called his daughter more than a son and a brave person.
Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Dr Qasim Bughio while talking to Pakistan Observer expressed his grief over the murder of a young talented showbiz person of Pakistan.
He regretted the act of murder by no one but her own brother (as reported in media) and said it is nothing but ignorance that leads to such tragedies.
Referring to a number of incidents in which women are killed in the name of honour, he said if our society was educated, if we befriended book and studied lives of great men we would never turn into extremists.
Qandeel Baloch murder is also the result of that typical mindset that finds its roots in ignorance, extremism and male chauvinism, he said. Dr Qasim Bughio also urged media to respect the personal life of every person especially the celebrities.
Representative of the Islamabad District Bar Media Coordinator Ch Khalid Hussain also condemned the murder of the liberal voice of Pakistan, a brave girl and a self-made person Qandeel Baloch saying he along with the lawyers community of Islamabad is in deep shock as she was a person who refused to bow down before society and sought to find her own place.
“Allah has given everyone right to live and we cannot take anyone’s life in the name of honour or difference of opinion,” says the media coordinator in his statement. He also expressed solidarity with the father of the model who called his daughter a ‘son’ and a ‘brave’ person.
Civil society, too expressed its shock and dismay over the murder of Qandeel Baloch. Kapil Dev, a Human Rights activist hailing from Sindh said Qandeel Baloch was receiving threats not only from the extremists but also from her family members. She lodged a complaint with the police and the interior ministry, but no one came to her help and she was murdered in a cold blood way.
The murder of Qandeel Baloch reminds us that we have to go a long way to achieve the ideal of free thought in society which is prejudiced, crooked and not ready to admit women as equal its member, he said.
In Pakistan, women form more than half of its population but unfortunately in our rural living, they are marginalized, kept indoors and looked at as they are inferior to men.
Qandeel Baloch tried to raise her voice against that attitude and stood in front of the opposing voices bravely but she had to pay the price for that.

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