Lawbreakers including drunkards netted


Police have arrested 12 lawbreakers including two drunkards and three wall-chalking ban violators besides recovering 1300 grams charas (Marijuana), 15 liter liquor, two pistols 30 bore with five rounds and one rifle 12 bore from their possession. According to a police spokesman, Taxila police held Zahid for having 1300 grams charras. Waris Khan police rounded up Zeeshan for carrying 15 liter liquor. Mandra police arrested a drunkard namely Amjad who was allegedly under influence of alcohol. Cantt police also nabbed Umair a drunkard.
Westridge police held Jalal Khan for running an illegal LPG agency while Sikandar who was a wall-chalking ban violator was also netted. Rattamral police held Asim and Kamran on wall-chalking ban violation. Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons.—APP

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