Law and order mocked, 80 one-wheelers’ take cops hostage

Miscreants storm police station

Staff Reporter


Some developments through the day sound and seem too far stretched from plausibility in a society where leaders seek entitlement for alleged law and order betterment. An incident that surfaced earlier in the morning on Friday is of the sorts. At least 80 miscreants stormed a traffic police station at Chandni Chowk for policing their fellows over one-wheeling in the city amidst crackdown.
The perpetrators held the wardens hostage and attempted to set fire to a state-owned vehicle issued to the department. The development today came as a follow up to what had unfolded on June 15 at around 05:30am under the Sixth Road flyover in Rawalpindi.
A warden named Suhail Shehzad was positioned there to intercept the violators as part of the ongoing crackdown in the city. A group of three motorcyclists approached the flyover as they were to enter Islamabad.
One of the three motorcyclist was going a ‘wheel-up’calling for the cop to police the black clad man. However, the miscreant shot four bullets at Shehzad, one of which punctured his ribs and exited off the other side injuring his arm.

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