Law enforcers briefed about effective investigation through forensic evidences

Islamabad—The effective handling of forensic evidences leads to detect crime, investigate the real truth and enhance confidence of people on their law enforcement agencies.
It was the main theme of a programme held here for law enforces by National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA) in collaboration with the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Programme (ICITAP).
Around 80 personnel from different law enforcement agencies, Police, MLOs, Prosecutors, and Investigation Officers from FIA, IB, ISI and NAB, etc. participated in this programme. They were briefed about consequence of the challenges arising in sample collection, tampering of the crime scene, making it difficult for the scientific officers to decipher the truth.
To overcome the prevailing predicament, speakers throughout the day in an absorbing session elated the importance of Forensic Science. They deliberated the importance of case processing and legal value of evidence and demonstrated ailment in important cases, they had faced till now, alongside a Mock Scene demonstration. Secretary Interior Arif Ahmed Khan on the occasion appreciated the initiative elating that, “Forensic Science reveals the truth about thing left unseen by common eye. It helps solving the crimes in unimaginable ways.—APP

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