Law-breakers netted

Rawalpindi—Police under its drive against anti-social elements have netted 18 law-breakers and recovered 3490 grams charras, 179 liter liquor, four pistols 30 bore with 11 rounds, 120 kites and 12 kite flying string rolls from the possession of the arrested accused.
According to police, Saddar Baroni police held Javed Ahmed and Muhammad Majeed for having 530 and 515 grams charras respectively.
Murree police netted Muhammad Sohaib on recovery of 500 grams charras. Taxila police rounded up Sahib Khan for possessing 1475 grams charras.
Gunjmandi police arrested Ranjeet and recovered five liter liquor while 10 liter liquor was recovered from Athar.—APP

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