Law breakers including kite sellers netted


Police in their crackdown against anti-social elements have arrested 31 lawbreakers including 19 kite sellers, three suspected dacoits and three gamblers. The police recovered 200 grams charras, 15 liters liquor, three pistols 30 bore with 10 rounds, Rs 1900 cash stake money, two motorcycles and other items from their possession.
According to a police spokesman, Rattamral police arrested Javed for having 200 grams charras. Wah Cantt police rounded up Younas with 10 liters liquor. Gunjmandi police held Haider and recovered five liters liquor. Mundra police conducted a raid in Jalal Dakhali area in its jurisdiction and apprehended, Ibrar, Waseem and Arshed who were involved in gambling while playing cards. Police recovered Rs 1900 cash stake money, mobile phones and two motorcycles from their possession. Other accused were sent behind the bars for having illegal weapons.
The spokesman further informed that Naseerabad, Taxila, Gunjmandi, Pirwadhai, Waris Khan, Buni and Sadiqabad police on the special directive of City Police Officer, Rawalpindi Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi raided in different areas and held 19 kite sellers namely Taj Ali, Usman, Umar, Adil, Khawar, Atif, Ibrar, Sher Ali, Ahsan, Umar Daraz, Farooq, Abdul Hanan, Raheel, Zameer, Hamad, Amir, Mohsin, Naveed and Usman and recovered 1263 kites and 47 kite flying string rolls.—APP

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