Launch Zarb-e-Azb against RAW, other foreign agents

FRANK admission by India that the arrested agent of RAW from Balochistan Kul Bhushan was its national, has left no doubt in the mind of anyone that New Delhi was hands in gloves in what is happening in Balochistan. Its clarification that Kul sought premature retirement from Indian Navy is nothing but an excuse for face saving and therefore, totally unacceptable.
Pakistan has done well by lodging a strong protest with India but mere protest is not enough as the issue pertains to security of the country and must be pursued in right earnest not just with India but also with other members of the international community. The situation becomes all the more serious in the backdrop of policy statement of Commander Southern Command Lt. General Aamer Riaz that elements sitting in London and Geneva are hatching conspiracies against the stability of Pakistan. Speaking in Quetta on Friday, he said the RAW agent had contact with separatist elements in Balochistan and was involved in a number of terrorist and subversive activities in the Province. The enemy is employing different tactics to harm the country but mostly it achieves success with the help of local collaborators. Societal differences are exploited by enemy and some elements willingly become tool in the hands of the enemy and wage a war against their own homeland. It is also understood that presence of RAW agents and their machinations is just one dimension of this serious problem of crude interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan as there are several other countries that have made Pakistan target of their spying and subversive activities with a view to achieving their regional and global designs. Some foreign embassies and NGOs are also engaged in anti-state activities and there are reasons to believe that hundreds of foreign agents are there in the Federal Capital as well. Under these circumstances, we believe, there is dire need to immediately launch a country-wide operation with spirit and determination of Zarb-e-Azb to eliminate all sorts of foreign agents from Pakistani soil in coming months. In meantime, the authorities must also take up tissue of anti-Pakistan activities emanating from London and Geneva with the United Kingdom and the Swiss Government.

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