Launch massive drive against adulteration

IT is an unfortunate reality that adulteration, especially in food items and medicines has become a curse in our society, which is taking a heavy toll on health of the people. Whilst forgetting all moral and religious values unscrupulous elements, on a massive scale, are involved in every kind of food adulteration to satisfy their infinite lust for money. The situation warrants a massive drive envisaging strict punishment for the culprits in order to eradicate this menace.
In order to fathom the depth of this detestable trade, which is prevalent in every nook and corner of the country, it can be gauged from the fact that Punjab Food Authority the other day captured thirty seven thousand litre of fake juices which were being prepared in locked houses. According to details, the juices were not being prepared from fruits but through dangerous chemicals and expired artificial flavours. Just a few months back, same kind of revelations were made before the Supreme Court about packed liquid milk in which it was reported that harmful and dangerous chemicals are added to long-life milk and which also includes baby formula product. It will not be an exaggeration to state that an average Pakistani family is consuming dangerous colours, sawdust, soapstone, harmful chemicals and substances mixed with consumable goods. According to Ministry of Science and Technology there is 35% microbiological contamination in bottled water and 1 kilogram of pure milk is being mixed with 39 kg of contaminated milk consisting of bleaching powder and other poisonous chemicals. This problem is not confined to Punjab alone but this is being done in every town and city of the country. Though Punjab Food Authority over a period of time has taken some strong measures against these merchant of death, we understand a more holistic approach is required that ensures strict and maximum punishment to adulterators at the earliest as those playing with the health and future of the country deserve no mercy at all. Other provincial governments are also required to fully activate their respective food authorities to carry out raids on daily basis at eateries and premises manufacturing different food products. Special courts should be set-up in all major cities that award punishment to killer adulterators without any delay. The people also have a responsibility to keep a check on their surroundings and inform relevant authorities if they see any activity relating to production of unhygienic or substandard products as mostly such items are prepared in old areas and locked houses in order to escape eye of the law.

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