Las Vegas tragedy

INVESTIGATORS probing the Las Vegas massacre continued searching Thursday for what could have motivated the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, even as they detailed more evidence suggesting that the gunman meant to inflict even greater damage. They say he planned extensively, prepared methodically, secretly assembling an arsenal of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his two-room suite. What local and federal investigators say remains elusive, though, is an explanation for why Paddock carried out the rampage, killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more before taking his own life.
It was a great tragedy as so many innocent people lost life and many more received injuries and above all would be suffering from trauma, maybe, for the rest of life. Similar killings are reported almost regularly from different parts of the globe for different reasons but unfortunately the entire focus remains on Muslims and the Islamic world. Media manipulators try to convey an impression as if terrorism is equivalent to Islam and its followers and that rest of the world is as innocent as a newly born baby. Call the Las Vegas crime terrorism, extremism, mass murder or violence, the fact remains that such things could happen anytime and anywhere around the globe and it is unfair to link them to just one faith. A criminal should be treated as criminal and must not be identified with his religion as all revealed religions preach love, affection and brotherhood. There is also another lesson to be learnt from the mass shooting and that is to take effective measures for controlling gun culture. This is particularly so in the case of countries like Pakistan where there is no exact estimate of illegal weapons in the possession of individuals and groups. Weaponisation of the society is a curse and steps should be taken to address the issue on a priority basis for the sake of security of innocent people and overall peace and tranquillity in the country.

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