Lankan players pass Pulse Oximetry Tests

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondance


Sri Lankan players passed the Pulse Oximetry Test conducted during the Delhi Test.
On Tuesday, the Indian cricket board had specially invited Prof. (Dr. Amar P. Bhalla, attached with the Department of Anesthesia, Pain and Criitical condition at All India Institute of Medical Sciencs to check the condition of the Sri Lankan players, who were more affected with the Delhi pollution.
“I examined three Sri Lankan players during lunch interval and conducted Pulse Oximetry Tests and the results were found normal”, Dr. Bhalla, speaking exclusively over telephone from Ferozsha Kotla ground, where he also went to watch the final day play, said.
“The desirable result should show 100% and the players had passed it at about 98 %. Anything less than 90 % is not normal but that was not the case here”, he added.
It was a sunny day on Wednesday. “However, pollution is there. We can not say there is no pollution in air to-day”, Dr. Bhalla stressed.
Pulse Oximetry test (done with the Oximeter) is a procedure for measuring the concentration of oxygen in the blood. The test is used in the evaluation of various medical conditions that affect the function of the heart and lungs.
Dr. Bhalla also confirmed no Indian player underwent this tests.
Useless method
Mumbai’s renowned chest physician and cricket-lover Dr. Kumar P. Doshi believes that Oxygen saturation test is an useless method of determining the pollution.
“It is like telling keep smoking because your X ray is normal and stop smoking because NOW you have cancer”.
“It was silly to play in that kind of weather. They umpires) have light-meters…why, to prevent injuries. Here they have a AQI (Air Quality Indicator). If it says bad, don’t play, that’s it…
“The Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC) board should have instructed its players to declare their innings and accept the defeat instead of playing in smog conditions”.

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