Landlord tortures worker to death

Demand of wages

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani


Two field workers were tortured to death by land owners in two different villages.
A 40-year-old field worker in Ghanian village was tortured to death by two landlords when he de-manded money from them.
According to police source, deceased Arshad Ali has been working in the fields of landlords Nasir Ali and Akhtar Ali sons of Muhammad Bashir for the last 8 years. Arshad Ali demanded some amount from the accused but they exchanged harsh words. Thereupon, the accused allegedly pounced upon him and thrashed him with clubs as a result of which he fell unconscious and was shifted to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The Jalalpur Bhattian police registered case against the accused and arrested Nasir Ali while Akhter Ali managed his good escape. According to another report, Muhammad Irfan, landowners Hassan Ali, Imtiaz and Imdad in Kot Sarwar village thrashed a harvester helper. The po-lice have registered a case against the accused and are investigating.

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