Lahore epicenter of books publishing despite dwindling readership

BOOKS of all sorts continue to be written in prose, poetry and other subjects under the sun irrespective of the bitter fact that their readership has declined considerably. Books buying and reading habits among the people particularly the young ones have been dwindling mostly because of numerous tv channels, cell phones and social media.
This edition of the Lahore Diary is dedicated to the books written and published from Lahore and elsewhere and is based on information gathered from different sources in this regard. This is just to provide information in brief about the books published and not a review as such. ‘Rasool-e-Rehman (PBUH) Mekka Ki Wadiyun Mein’ volume one and two has been written by Hafiz Muhammad Idrees which gives detailed historical background of the life and achievements of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in all possible details which has been published by Muaarf-e-Islami, Mansoorah, Lahore with a foreword by Maulana Abdul Malik.
‘Aap’ (PBUH) is the collection of more than 150 Naats penned by Parveen Sajjal which has been published along with comments of Professor Dr Riaz Majeed, Professor Dr Abdul Karim Khalid and Khalid Alim and has been published by herself under the banner of Sajjal Publiocations from Lahore. Whenever, Urdu literary journals like ‘Adabi Duniya’, ’Shahkaar’, ‘Biswin Sadi’, ’Seep’, ‘Alhamra’, ‘Funoon’. ‘Naqoosh’. ’Afkaar’, ‘Takhleeq’ and several others which were launched over the years are mentioned, it will remain incomplete without due mention of ‘Adab-e-Latif’. Most of these have continued publications for varying periods and then ceased beung published due to various reasons mainly being passing away of their founding Editors like Maulana Salahuddin Ahmad, Maulana Hamid Ali Khan, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Muhammad Tufail, Azhar Javed and others who either expired or they could not continue publishing these journals due to acute financial problems.
‘Adab-e- Lateef’ is decades old literary journal latest issue of which has just been published from Lahore under joint editorship of Siddiqa Begum and prominent poet Nasir Zaidi. Siddiqa Begum is daughter of founder of ‘Adab-e-Latif’ late Ch Barkat Ali who had launched the literary journal way back in 1935. The latest issue of the journals marks its 83rd anniversary. A special section in the issue has been dedicated to prominent novelist Bano Qudsia, Bano Apa for many, who had passed away couple of years ago. In the ‘Tabarkaat-e-Sukhan’ section writings of Rameez Meenai, Anwar Mashhadi, and Kabir Anwar Jafferi have been included besides prose and poetry of several other writers, poets and research scholars.
‘Mathanvi Majmul Lissan’ is a mathanvi written by Muhammad Ismail Khan whichhas been compiled by Mahzar Mahmud Sheerani. It has been published as a classic Urdu literature by Majlis-i-Taraqqi-e-Adab, Lahore again. It is an old mathanvi and also known as ‘Jang Nama Mohan Garh’and was written way back in 1851 by Mohkam who was not a regular and professional poet.The book runs into 100 pages.
‘Syed Arif Naunari (Fan Aur Shakhisiyet)’ is a compilation jointly done by Dr Shafiq Jullundhry, M.R.Shahid and Muhammad Naveed Mirza. The compilers have put together all articles written about writer, journalist and satirist Arif Naunari’s writings and personality and published these in a book form. Wrriters whose articles have been included in the book include Suhail Warraich, Dr Syed A.Waheed, Asad Bokhari, M.B.Shahid, Saeed Aasi, Brigadier ® Saulat Raza, Professor Nasir Bashir, Iftikhar Majaz among others. The book runs into more than 200 pages, its foreword has been written by Professor Syed Israr Bokhari and it has been published by Continental Star Publishers
‘Beaz-e-Dil ‘ is a poetic collection of Syeda Naseem Naqvi, which runs into 140 pages and has been published by Minal Publishers from Faisalabad. Syeda Nabeela Naqvi, Saeedul Zafar Siddiqui, Abid Hussain Abid, Dr Maqsood Jaffery, Col Syed Maqbool Hussain and Aitbar Sajid have commented on poetry of Syeda Naseem Naqvi and their opinions have been included in the book.
‘Makhzan’ is a bi-annual literary journal, which is being published, in the new era. Those who have contributed to the latest issue of the literary journal in prose and poetry form include Qazi Afzaal Hussain, Professor Khalid Mahmud, Professor Qazi Jamal Hussain, Professor Khalid Mahmud, Dr Ali Muhammad Khan, Anwar Muhammad Anwar, Dr Amjad Tufail, Dr Ambreen Amber, Dr Khalid Nadeem, Faiza Farman, Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Virk, Dr Naureen Razzaq among other writers and poets.
A separate section has been devoted in the latest issue of ‘Makhzan’ to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in which his literary and academic services have been mentioned in some detail. It is published under auspices of the Quaid-i-Azam Library, located in Bagh-e-Jinnah in the premises formerly known as the Gymkhana Club, and Editorial Board comprises Dr Tabussum Kashmiri and Dr Zaheer Ahmad Babar while Editor is Dr Tehseen Faraqui.
Selection of international writings has been published under title of ‘Aalmi Adab Sey Aik Intikhaab’ ehich has compiled, edited and translated by Qaiser Nazeer Khawar and published by Maktaba-e-Fikr-o-Daanish from Faisal Town Lahore. It contains writings of Pushkin, Chekhov, Guy de Mopassant, Rudyard Kipling, Victor Hugo, Alfred Hitchkock, Ernest Hemingway among several others besides Zakaur Rahman from Pakistan’s ‘Shirk’ which was written during the eleven years long rule of third military dictator General Muhammad Ziaul Haq.
’Sab Kuchh Mumkin Hai’ is Urdu translation of the bestseller book of prominent award winner sales agent Mehdi Fakharzadeh of Iran about life insurance salesmanship, which has been translated in Urdu by Sagheer Ahmad and published by Book Corner, Book Street, Jhelum.
Kamran Islam’s book ‘Umar-e-Rafta Key Jhorookon Sey’ has been published along with comments of Dr Muhammad Munir Mirza and a foreword by Abdul Raoof Malik by Saanjh Publications , Book Street, Mozang Road, Lahore.
’Tareekh Araeen Qaum’ as the very title suggests is the history of Araeen community along with mention of the community, important personalities and how many Araeen are living in which area of Pakistan which has been edited, compiled and written by Kamran Azam Sauhdarvi and published by Takhleeqaat Publishers from Lahore.
More about the books and literary journals being written and published some other time. This is a humble attempt by the scribe to promote book reading habits among the people from different age group and the youth in particular who are falling fallen victims to mobile phones and social media curses and abuses which is not good for themselves as well as to the society at large.

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