Lahore drama ends

DR Ashraf Asif Jalali-led faction of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA) on late Friday called off protest across the city after signing an agreement with Punjab government to end 7-day long sit in that has been hampering daily life in the city. As per claims of Jalali, they have given the provincial government one month for implementation of the points agreed upon and in case of failure, the protest would resume again.
As Khadim Hussain Rizvi and Ashraf Jalali belonged to the same party, there was absolutely no justification to stage another drama in Lahore following striking of a deal with the Federal Government, which, according to all analyses, is highly tilted in favour of the religious party. Continuation of the sit-in at Mall Road in Lahore clearly meant that Tehreek was not implementing its part of the agreement concluded with the Federal Government and there should have been no dialogue with it. However, both the Federal and the Provincial Government of Punjab stand destabilized to a great extent by multiple factors and protestors and their handlers took full advantage of the situation. Otherwise, the Government should have stopped implementation of Islamabad agreement in view of dare-devil violation of the understanding by Tehreek on whatever excuse. Like Faizabad deal, Lahore agreement is also a total surrender as Jalali succeeded in forcing the Government to accept all of his demands in return for nothing. The Government can claim that it succeeded in convincing the protestors to withdraw their demand for resignation of Provincial Minister Rana Sanaullah but this pragmatism would, most likely, prevail for one month and trouble is expected to be stoked again on this point or any of other points wrongly included in the deal. One would not be wrong to point out that Tehreek has improved upon further its position in Mall Road deal as compared to Faizabad surrender and it is now in a position to dictate the Government on a number of issues that should be of no concern to any political party. The erosion of writ of the State would have serious consequences both internally and externally.

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