Lahore carnage

LAHORE witnessed bloodbath on Monday, as precious lives including those of senior police officers were lost in a dastardly terrorist attack at centre of the city. The perpetrators of the crime chose the venue and timings when members of chemists and druggists association had gathered there to lodge protest and as such there was heavy presence of personnel of law-enforcing agencies.
The authorities concerned already took tangible security measures, as the area where the incident took place is high security zone because of presence of provincial legislature, but still terrorists succeeded in deceiving the security agencies. The suicide bombing in Lahore took place despite an alert by National Counter Terrorism Authority six days back that a terrorist group has planned an attack in the provincial capital. The attack came in the wake of steps taken by government against a particular group but the possibility of involvement of our enemy cannot be ruled out as it always remains on the lookout for opportunities to exploit things for its own objectives and designs. This could also be a conspiracy to create a sense of insecurity ahead of planned PSL match in Lahore. No doubt, the President, the Prime Minister, the Army Chief and the Punjab Chief Minister have vowed to continue the fight against terror till it reaches to its logical conclusion but regrettably loopholes in the campaign as repeatedly pointed out by experts have not yet been plugged successfully. There should be zero tolerance for armed groups, illegal weapons and hate speeches. It is understood that terrorists get their supply of money and weapons from somewhere and intelligence, security agencies should focus on these supply routes. NACTA should be made fully functional at the soonest as it has the potential to strengthen coordination among different agencies for prompt, coherent and effective action in a timely manner. In view of the prevailing security environment, there should be no permission for any group or segment of the society to hold demonstrations or take out processions and instead lodge their protests through other means.

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