Ladakh land grab by Indian army against humanity

Srinagar—Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) on Saturday said that “handing” over of five Lakh Kanals of land to army in Ladakh was against the interests of humanity as the presence of troops would harm the glaciers, pastures and forests in the area.
He termed it as “yet another attempt” to strengthen the “illegal occupation by military might”.
“This will worsen the already fragile ecological balance in Jammu Kashmir,” said JKLF Chief Yasin Malik, in a statement.
Malik said that glaciers, water reservoirs, forests and pastures have been damaged by the presence of more than one million military troops.
“This military might has been used to suppress the voices of freedom in Jammu Kashmir and during last more than two decades one lakh humans in Jammu Kashmir have been massacred, more than ten thousands are missing in custody, tens of thousands unmarked graves and other gross human rights violations stand as a blot on its face,” said Malik.
“Dumping more and more ammunition, explosives and arms and settling down more and more armies and troops at a land where glaciers, water reservoirs, rivers, forests, pastures and hills are in abundance and stable ecology of which is not only important for Jammu Kashmir but for the whole south Asia and world, is against the interests of humanity.
He said that Jammu Kashmir cannot be overrun by such actions and international community and forums that work for the safeguard of forest lands, water reservoirs and environmental stability etc should take a serious note of this new “military intrusion of India in Ladakh”.
“India has and is considering Jammu Kashmir as its occupied colony, which is why such military measures are being taken every now and then,” said Malik.
He said that Kashmiris stand against all these “illegal military occupational attempts and will strive against all these measures on all fronts.” —GK

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