Lacunae in service rules

There are a few federal-level organizations whose employees have been kept deprived of Employees Service Rules, although they (rules) have remained an item on the agenda in every high-level meeting since the genesis of those organizations, but never framed and finalized yet.
Nowadays such draft rules are being framed which contain ample legal lacunae or gaps with regard to lower grade employees’ rights. Those who would be the victim or the lower grade employees, including the highly qualified attendants, drivers, among others, have communicated their concerns but they are not being heard and listened. Even if they do not seem plausible at first and even if they are brought up in very casual conversations, as if in passing. A complaint is a complaint, and it denotes dissatisfaction of an employee. No one wants a dissatisfied and frustrated employee. It is strange that those employees who communicate their grievances regarding flawed service rules, they are being treated with hostility by those placed in authority.
Is there anyone to direct the framers of Employees Service Rules to frame employees-friendly, humanistic, progressive and futuristic so that no one remains deprived of timely promotion/time scale and other benefits, including pay scale 7 for drivers? Above all, employees’ service rules should not be a person–specific.

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