Lack of ventilators at PIMS

Shortage of ventilators in public sector hospitals of Islamabad is making life of hundreds of patients miserable as almost none of the hospital has sufficient number of ventilators available. Even patients have to suffer badly and have to face life threatening situations in the biggest hospital i.e. Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) due to shortage of ventilators. According to data collected by a contemporary newspaper, the PIMS has a total of 59 beds with ventilator support and the occupancy rate of ventilator supported beds remains 100 per cent while not less than 50 patients remain at the waiting list in need of a ventilator. It is witnessed in routine that a number of patients and their attendants have been founding complaining of non-availability of ventilators in the hospital. More miserable is the fact that the attendants have no other option but to wait for a ventilator to get free as ventilator is hardly available at any other public sector healthcare facility in the region. Medical and surgical intensive care units at PIMS have 20 beds in all with ventilators while 8 beds with ventilators are available at cardiac intensive care unit of the hospital. The data further reveals that the Children Hospital at PIMS, a total of 14 beds with ventilators are available for newly born babies below the age of 28 days while for children between the age of 28 days and 12 years, children intensive care unit has 9 beds with ventilator in all. The Burn Centre at PIMS has 8 beds of intensive care unit with ventilators. Thus, it is the responsibility of the government to provide more funds for health facilities so that patients should not face problems and they should be treated ell.

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