Lack of transparency in FGEHF

PML-N Manifesto for the 2013 general election, among other things, pledged to focus on housing and the promise was repeated time and again by party leadership and the Housing Ministry but there seems to be little progress towards that end despite the fact that government is going through its last year in office. The slogan of low-cost housing scheme, envisaging construction of five hundred thousand houses in different areas of the country, has also gone into oblivion.
Though the housing problem is affecting entire society but it is more acute for fixed income groups who cannot materialise the dream of having their own house within the meagre salary. It was in this backdrop that Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) was created and it delivered in initial years but now the institution has become somewhat moribund because of lack of vision and transparency in its working. Because of this Green Enclave scheme at Barakahu proved to be a mirage shattering dreams of thousands of people. It is being repeated in the case of second phase of membership drive and allotment of residential plots to applicants. The Foundation received 46,644 applications for Phase-II alone, much higher than number of plots available with the Foundation in G-14 Sector and Thallian and the situation becomes worse if one also includes applicants not accommodated in Phase-I. The Foundation has neither revealed the number of available plots nor their final price and is asking all those registered with it to deposit down payment by March 31, 2017 without giving any assurance about allotment of plots to them. There is absolutely no justification to receive down payment from all registered employees when the Foundation has no land to offer for plots. This is going to become a mega scandal and the Prime Minister may take notice of the situation before thousands of employees are robbed of their lifelong savings. Already, the Foundation minted money by forcing employees to deposit uncalled for and hefty membership fee of Rs 50,000/-!

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