Lack of rainfall

Through the courtesy of your widely-read newspaper, I want to draw the attention of concerned authorities as well as public towards scorching heat in many areas of the Baluchistan province.
People, particularly in Turbat, Sibi and Gwadar, have been enduring the unfriendly weather which is the outcome of the minimum rainfall. They experience intolerable high temperature during summer season which disturbs their day to day life immensely. The primary reason for rise in temperature has been none other than prolonged shortage of rainfall since. Despite knowing the facts which contribute to insufficient rainfall – cutting down green trees for domestic/commercial purposes, rampant urbanization and adoption of unhealthy lifestyles – not a single government in Balochistan has ever bothered to adopt any tangible measures against these climate hazards.
It is high time that every citizen of Baluchistan as well as the Government of Balochistan should initiate rainfall stimulating campaigns like green tree plantation in collaboration with CPEC and community support to make such scorching environment sustainable, liveable and healthier.

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