Lack of facilities hampers enrollment of out of schools children

Bajaur Agency—A large number of children of the agency are deprived of their basic right to education from the last several years due to insufficient educational facilities in the area, sources in local education department told here on Wednesday.
They said that there were over 68,000 schools going children mostly of them were girls out of schools during year owing to shortage of space in government schools in the agency.
The education department during the mass enrollment drive in previous year, the officials said, had tried its level best to reduce the number of out of school children by bringing them to schools but did not succeeded due to lack of education facilities in the agency. The department had set a target of enrolling at least 50,000 new children at schools during the previous year enrolment drive but did not achieved the target due to lack of space at educational institutions, said the sources.
According to the sources, lack of space in the existing educational institutions and shortage of schools and teachers were the major causes of growing the number of out of school children in the agency. They said that at least 150 new schools while around 14, 00 more teachers were required to enroll all the out of schools children in Bajaur Agency.
They mentioned that the local education department had already sent a list of shortfall of the educational facilities in the agency to FATA education directorate in June 2015 but yet no positive response were made from the relevant officials.—APP

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