Lack of democracy

Razaullah khan
Lakki Marwat

In today’s modern world, democracy is considered the best form of government. In democracy citizens have the right to elect governments according to their wishes through vote. In the countries where democracy works and exists full they are completely stable politically, economically and as well as socially. But unfortunately, in our country it has derailed again and again. There are many causes which are responsible for its failure such as bad governance, illiteracy, lack of democratic norms and so on and so forth.
Firstly, illiteracy is one of the major barriers in our democracy. Accordingly the Census of 1998, literacy rate of Pakistan was 43.92% and literacy rate among rural community of Pakistan was 33.64%. Majority of the people are illiterate and they don’t know power of vote. Due to this reason masses elected many times shaky leaders. While on the other hand proper education is the basic precondition for a democratic society.
Similarly, selfless leadership is an essential component of democracy whereas our leaders always give preference to their personal interests. At last, there should be equality, justice and rule of law across-the-board. Irrespective of their status, all the citizens should be considered equally accountable for their deeds. Youth must be promoted and young, energetic and educated people should be encouraged in every sphere of life. When our nation will be literate and social freedom will be there, then genuine and competent leadership will emerge from the grassroots level and it will focus on the social welfare and security of general public and sovereignty of our land.

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